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Skid Steer


Skid steers are compact, highly maneuverable machines designed to accept a wide variety of attachments. Their standard configuration typically includes a bucket for moving soils, crushed stone, and related materials. With optional attachments, these machines provide a platform to accomplish an endless number of additional tasks. This explores the basic care and proper operation of skid steer machines, as well as some of the many attachments that make it an indispensable tool in both construction and agriculture.

  • 10 machine hours for certification
  • Students will be completing daily check lists to ensure machine is in a good and safe operating condition
  • Tasks to be preformed during operation;
    • Levelling material
    • Moving material
    • Loading trucks
    • Clean up job sites
  • Day begins with a preoperational inspection including fluid checks, walk around inspections, and machine warm up before operation
  • Prior to shutting down machine, ensure that the bucket is safely set to ground level
  • Make sure to park machine on dry level ground