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Loaders are one of the most popular pieces of equipment used in construction. They are characterized by a large bucket mounted on two lift arms on the front of the machine. For this reason, they are often called front-end loaders. Loaders are mounted on rubber tires. Buckets can be removed for different attachments such as forks.

  • 20 machine hours for certification
  • Students will be completing daily check lists to ensure machine is in a good and safe operating condition
  • Tasks to be preformed during operation;
    • Load trucks
    • Move material around
    • Level ground
    • Stockpile material
  • Day begins with a preoperational inspection including fluid checks, walk around inspections, and machine warm up before operation
  • Prior to shutting down machine, ensure that the bucket is set to level on the ground
  • Make sure to park machine on dry level ground