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Excavators are available in many different sizes, different styles, and they are produced by numerous manufactures. The most common type is a hydraulic excavator. As a heavy equipment operator, you need to understand how an excavator functions and how to use the bucket and other accessories so that equipment works effectively. You must also be aware of potential dangers that exist with excavators, know how to conduct daily preventive maintenance on the machine, and practice safety at all times. Finally, you need to know how to perform common work activities associated with excavators.

  • 120 machine hours for certification
  • Students will be completing daily check lists to ensure machine is in a good and safe operating condition
  • Tasks to be preformed during operation;
    • Trenching
    • Loading trucks
    • Digging pits
    • Backfill trench
    • Learning slopes needed for excavation
    • Clean up
  • Day begins with a preoperational inspection including fluid checks, walk around inspections, and machine warm up before operation