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Articulated Rock Truck


Heavy construction, mining, and quarrying jobs require huge amounts of material to be moved from one area to another on site. One of the most common pieces of equipment used for this purpose is an off-road dump truck. A skilled operator can recognize different types of off-road dump trucks and understand which type of truck is best suited for the task at hand. Safe operators have working knowledge of all of the instruments and controls, perform daily inspections and maintenance, and know the rules for operating on haul roads and excavated ground.

  • 40 machine hours for certification
  • Students will be completing daily check lists to ensure machine is in a good and safe operating condition
  • Tasks to be preformed during operation;
    • Hauling materials
    • Unloading materials
    • Transport materials to dump site
  • Day begins with a preoperational inspection including fluid checks, walk around inspections, and machine warm up before operation
  • Prior to shutting down machine, ensure that the mold board and other attachments are safely set to ground level
  • Make sure to park machine on dry level ground